Gaming Roots

What do we do?

  • Server Hosting
  • Gaming Community
  • Designs (web)
  • Coding
  • Template Making (After Effects)
Looking for Free Templates?

After Effects templates

Note that this work is completely free, and so you will need to have 15 approved posts on the forumsOnce you do, all of the templates in the forums store are completely accessible for you.

Looking for the Free AE templates?

Our Offers
  • Editing a Template
    • Something special you want on your template? We can make it
    • One week order
    • Making it Fully customizable
    • Making it fully dynamical (just edit your images/music)
  • Logo Creation
    • Designing your logo from idea/scratch
    • Fully customizable
    • .AI file can be infinitely resized w/o quality loss